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We Can and We Will

“Do it because they said you couldn’t”

This sign is on the wall at Krickyfit Training Studio, and it really resonates with and motivates some women. I got to thinking though…who exactly is this “they”? Is it really someone else who thinks you can’t do it? Or is it just YOU?

Is anyone really paying attention to what you’re doing? How many people out there actually really care? And if you’re not posting about it on social media, how many people even know what you’re up to? Even if a ton of people know something about you, of those people, how many of them do you value their opinion enough to let it impact what you’re going to do?

I think it’s more likely that WE are our own limiting voices. Every day, I hear women start sentences with “i could never…” I catch myself saying it too! We see someone having success and get a little bit jealous and think, “well that’s great for them, but I could never do that because……” and then the reasons start. Are these real reasons? Or are they excuses? And why is it so damn hard for us to believe in ourselves? When that voice, either the one inside our head OR the one we’re using to talk to someone else, starts a sentence like that why aren’t we cutting it off with a “why the hell not???”

Once you tell yourself you can never do something, you’re right. Let’s change the narrative. Instead of stopping ourselves before we start, let’s replace that thought process. Other people are no better than you. If they can do it, you can too, Instead of thinking of why you can’t, let’s make a plan for how you CAN.

Oh yeah, I also have this sign on the wall:

Love ya,


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