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Describe the perfect date.

Any “Miss Congeniality” fans out there? According to that movie, the perfect date is April 25th, because it’s not too hot and not too cold. Classic line.

All humor aside…what’s the perfect date to get back on track with your goals? Answer: December 13. Or whatever the date is when you read this. This time of year it’s soooo tempting to look ahead to New Year’s and feel like you need to get all these things in motion before you can start.

What’s wrong with today? Right now? Really, why not? People like to use the holidays as an excuse to put off healthy behaviors. I get it, it’s a busy time of year. But what are you doing right now? It‘s 46 degrees here in Iowa. Take a quick walk and breathe the cool fresh air. Watch the sun set (at 4:45 pm lol) and give your mind a little bit of peace.

You don’t need to be perfect. But if you can maintain instead of gain for the rest of the month, how motivated will you feel when New Year’s hits? So take that walk, chug some water, and eat some protein. You can do that much today. I‘m with ya ;)

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