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Krickyfit has moved!!

I am now at the NEW location at 7009 Nordic Drive in Cedar Falls (inside Allison’s Dance Center)



Krickyfit Training Studio is located at 7009 Nordic Drive in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  

  • Boot camp classes consist of small group weight lifting, cardio, and kickboxing.  Classes are Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri at 5 am, 6:15, 8:15, and 11 am, as well as 4:30 and 5:30 pm.  You can attend any class time during the week, but we work a different body part each day so you don’t want to miss a day!  

  • Low impact classes have no running or jumping, no kickboxing, and lighter weights.  They are designed for people with special circumstances.  This class is Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am.

  • Nutrition classes available



To help EVERY woman realize her worth and value to the world, empowering her through health to become strong, confident, and more resilient physically AND mentally.



I believe in you, even when you don't. We will work together to get you stronger on the outside AND the inside.  I will give you the tools, motivation, and confidence to feel as beautiful as you are.  I offer in-person training in the Cedar Falls, Iowa area as well as virtual coaching, including my 30-day, 30-minutes-a-day boot camp you can do at home.  
I have been an ACE-certified personal trainer since 2008 and have completed numerous courses in performance-based nutrition.  I love teaching group fitness in the gym setting, and I am so excited to have my very own space to share with you!