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No gym? No problem!

Lots of people want to work out but don’t want to join a gym. I mean, there’s COVID, bros and meatheads to deal with, maybe you don’t have a gym in your town or there’s no childcare.

Even when you have a gym membership, sometimes the gym is closed, or it snows 9 inches and you can’t get there, or you just can’t bear the thought of getting dressed to leave the house.

You absolutely CAN get a great workout at home. I highly recommend getting a set of resistance can easily work your entire body without spending a bunch of money and you don’t need any extra space.

No bands or dumbbells? Save your empty milk (or OJ or margarita mix) jugs and fill with water, sand, rocks, whatever you can to get some weight to use.

Grab your kid’s backpack from last year and put some books in it. Put it on your back for squats and lunges, hold it with 2 hands for shoulder and chest presses, do bent-over rows... (PS if your kid is the right size you can use THEM for the weight )

What's MY number-one, favorite of all time, at-home workout? Nothing other than a 20-minute dance party. I crank up my favorite music, set a timer for 20 minutes, and just dance. HARD. Lots of jumping around and big movements. If nothing comes naturally, just jog in place or do jumping jacks. Or twerk. Or just shake your butt. Just MOVE. You got this.

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