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Jumping back in

When my daughters were very small (they’re now 19 and 17!) I competed in two figure competitions. I coached myself and didn’t do very well. Although the internet was around, the resources just weren’t as available as they are now. I mainly used workouts and meal plans I found in magazines. Like I said, I didn’t do great but I still considered it a win just to get on stage and do something so far out of my comfort zone. Here’s my photo from one of those competitions:

In the years since then, the thought of competing again floated through my mind again from time to time. A couple months ago I finally said screw it, I’m not getting any younger, if I’m gonna do it, I better get after it. So I hired a coach, got my plan, and got to work. It’s been 10 weeks now and here’s my progress so far:

So here’s the situation…in approximately 7 months I will be on stage in a suit even smaller than the one on the right (but blinged out!!) in front of people, voluntarily being judged on my 49-year-old body. In the meantime, I will be working on adding muscle to my glutes and hamstrings as well as reducing body fat. I will be competing in the bikini division this time, a division that didn’t even exist last time around!

I don’t really know what my expectations are, other than to look the absolute best I can. I look at pictures of other competitors and that nagging thought comes up. You know the one…the “I will never be able to look like that.” BUT I tell myself the same thing I tell the clients I train: You never know what you can do until you try. REALLY try. Like give it everything you‘ve got. Not try for a while and then quit when it gets difficult. Give it your all, your very best shot. Maybe you’re right, maybe you can’t do whatever. But we don’t want to end up one day wondering what could have happened if only we had gone for it.

Thanks for reading! Talk to you soon.


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